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Welcome to Julia’s Violin Academy! We are proud to present to you our set of online teaching classes that will help you acquire skills on mastering the violin. Our goal is to offer our users an easy and enjoyable learning experience with our online platform. Our classes are made bearing in mind that the studying demographics might differ, and we are excited to see new beginners and advanced players from every age group!

This refund policy will explain the meaning of our guarantees and promises in regards to our digital products. This policy will further guide you in the refund process, provided that such is needed.

1. License and Guidelines

  1. Insofar as of the usage of Julia’s Violin Academy in accordance to these Terms of Service or amending documents, Julia’s Violin Academy shall, in accordance to the Authorized User’s individual chosen subscription plan issue towards the Authorized User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right and license for the Term (as specified below), for the Authorized User’s own internal personal and business purposes in accordance to the Usage Guidelines as set forth in these Terms of Service or our e-sign Terms of Service (specified below). The license as granted to the Authorized User gives the Authorized User the right to:
    – Access and use the documents, multimedia and/or materials as provided by our Website
    – Access and use other functionalities provided by Julia’s Violin Academy
  2. Authorized Users of Authorized User must be identified by a unique email address and user name. two or more natural persons may not use the Julia’s Violin Academy Services as the same Authorized User. If the Authorized User is not an employee of Authorized User, use of Julia’s Violin Academy Services will be allowed only if the user is under confidentiality and other obligations with Authorized User at least as restrictive as those in these Terms, and is accessing or using the Julia’s Violin Academy Services solely to support Authorized User’s internal business purposes.

2. Payment Terms

  1. Subscription Plan – the individual prices, features and options of Services rendered by Julia’s Violin Academy depending on the subscription plan a Registered User selects and purchases from the Website. Julia’s Violin Academy reserves the right to discontinue any services offered at any time, and reserves to change the prices and Terms of individual Subscription Plans in its own discretion, with or without prior notice.
  2. Refunds – Julia’s Violin Academy does not provide any refunds, except as expressly provided in these terms. Charges for per-use purchases and standard Subscription Plan charges shall be billed in arrears, unless explicitly stated otherwise within the Subscription Plan’s description. Our Subscription-based services come with a 30 day money back guarantee, which shall be displayed on the Website’s checkout page.
  3. Renewal of Subscriptions and Recurring Charges – Upon selection of a Registered User’s specific Subscription plan, Julia’s Violin Academy will ask you for your billing information, which will be used in order to timely pay your due amounts for the services rendered by Julia’s Violin Academy. Authorized Users hereby agree that they will maintain their billing and contact information accurate and up to date in order to avoid late billing fees in cases of inability to collect the due amount within the due date. Upon submitting your billing information to Julia’s Violin Academy, you are hereby compliant that we may Julia’s Violin Academy or a Registered Agent thereof may charge recurring fees for used services for:
    – The applicable Subscription Plan charges in accordance to the Subscription Plan’s term and billing terms
    – Any and all applicable taxes
    – Any auxiliary charges that may be incurred in connection with the Authorized User’s use of the Julia’s Violin Academy Services

Such authorization for recurring fees shall continue for the duration of the Subscription Term and Renewal Term (as specified below).

  1. In the event of inability to receive payment from the payment method according to the billing information provided by the Authorized User, the Authorized User hereby agrees to pay all amounts due upon demand of Julia’s Violin Academy. Provided that the Authorized User does not pay the due amount, by whichever reason, without exclusion to unsuccessful billing from the Authorized User’s billing details, our payment processors will try to charge the due amount in a row of randomized dates. You will receive a notice of unsuccessful payment of your due amount via email. In case that the payment provider has not been able to successfully bill the due amount, your account shall be terminated with or without prior notice from us. Authorized User will reimburse any costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred by Julia’s Violin Academy to collect any amount that is not paid when due. Julia’s Violin Academy may accept payment in any amount without prejudice to the Website’s right to recover the balance of the amount due or to pursue any other right or remedy. Amounts due to Julia’s Violin Academy may not be withheld or offset by Authorized User for any reason against amounts due or asserted to be due from Julia’s Violin Academy.
  2. Invoicing – The Service will provide the Authorized User with usage and billing information in a format of Julia’s Violin Academy’s choosing, which may, at the sole discretion, change from time to time. Julia’s Violin Academy hereby reserves the right to change or correct any identified errors or mistakes by issuing a supplemental invoice at any time, regardless of the date of issue or actual receipt of payment. The Registered User has the right to inform Julia’s Violin Academy of any problem(s) and/or discrepancy(ies) within thirty (30) days upon the delivery of the invoice. In the case that the Authorized User does not raise any objections in regards to discrepancies within the received invoice within the initial thirty (30) days, the Authorized User agrees to waive its right to dispute any such problem(s) and/or discrepancy(ies).
  3. Billing Cycles – In the cases that Billing Terms are shorter than a calendar month, Julia’s Violin Academy may make any reasonable adjustment(s) and/or proration(s). The Authorized User Agrees that the Service may accumulate billing charges from multiple terms and bill the amount in aggregate, or that the Service may split a billing charge in several installments, if so expressly stated in the subscription and/or pay-per-use service’s description.
  4. Taxes – All payments stated on Julia’s Violin Academy are exclusive of taxes, unless expressly stated otherwise and/or required otherwise by Applicable Law provisions. Any taxation arising from any tax code(s) towards the Authorized User are the sole Authorized User’s responsibility.
  5. Trial Versions – Julia’s Violin Academy may, from time to time and in sole discretion, issue special offers towards Users for promotional offers, free trials or other discounted or limited offers that may be contingent on additional terms, which will be expressly stated within the offers. Julia’s Violin Academy reserves the right to, at sole discretion, change the terms of promotional offers, free trials or other discounted or limited offers, or end the aforementioned altogether without prior notice. Please note that some limited, promotional or free offers may not include all features or functions provided by Julia’s Violin Academy’s services. Upon expiration of a free trial, the Authorized User hereby understands that any data saved on the Authorized User’s User Account will be permanently lost unless:
    – The Authorized User purchases a subscription plan of equivalent or greater options than the current one used by the Authorized User, or
    – The Authorized User exports or saves locally any such data prior to the expiration of the Subscription Term.

All Free Trial, promotional or limited offers offered by Julia’s Violin Academy are on an “as available” and “as is” basis, notwithstanding any other Terms as specified in these General Terms of Service. JULIA’S VIOLIN ACADEMY DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND JULIA’S VIOLIN ACADEMY’S TOTAL AGGREGATE LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO AUTHORIZED USER’S USE OF THE FREE TRIAL IS $100.

3. Limitations in regards to the performance of your device

  1. Some settings, including your monitor settings, operating system or compatibility issues may vary from device to device. The video lessons are recorded in HD resolution that will be available on our Website, which you can access for the duration of your membership on Julia’s Violin Academy. For full compliance of your device’s capabilities, please check your device compatibility. Any issues or limitations of this nature will not be considered as grounds for a refund of your payment.
  2. We will take no responsibility for the incorrect color or texture choice due to the performance or personal settings of buyers’ displays, but will offer a return or exchange in case it had displayed incorrect specifications on the Website tied to your product. No further liability is to be expressly or implicitly taken by Julia’s Violin Academy.

4. Services provided on the Website

  1. Aside from our subscription-based service, Julia’s Violin Academy may offer certain on-demand services. These services are provided for a one-time payment. Unless specified otherwise in this Refund Policy, no refunds or trial versions of these pay-per-service services are to be applicable to your selected purchase.
  2. Due to the nature of these one-time services offered on our Website, no applicable refunds can be extended to our customers. Please get acquainted with the description of the service prior to making your decision on acquiring them.

5. Defaults by parties

  1. A Party to this agreement shall be considered in default with providing payments if: (a) the Party, whose payment is due did not balance the payment after 3 days of such due date, or (b) the Party, whose payment is due did not provide any payment information and has begun with receiving Product(s) or Service(s) from the Service, or whose payment was rejected by the Party’s respective payment processor. For the purposes of this document, a “Payment Processor” is a bank or other financial institution handling the payment on the Party’s behalf. For more information on our Payment Processors, please see our Privacy Policy.
  2. The Parties agree that they shall pay all due amounts towards the Service within 3 days of notification by the Service, that a certain payment is due. The Service does not exclude bringing up civil or other claims in front of appropriate institutions under applicable law. However, the Party in default shall be informed about the possible consequences of not providing payment in time.
  3. The Service shall do its best to contact and inform any Party in default with possible consequences of defaulting in their payment. In cases of any doubts as to the applicable due dates or the measures taken into consideration by the Service, please contact the Service at the Service’s Customer Support email or telephone.

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